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Heat pumps are one of the best home-heating options for Maine. They’re a safe, clean way to heat in the winter for about 1/3 the energy and they also cool and dehumidify in the summer. Heat pumps are also known as mini splits. They are one of the most advanced and efficient heating and cooling systems available today. They have become increasingly popular with the growing awareness of their effectiveness, efficiency, and value for your money.


Heat Pumps also help promote a healthy home. Cold, damp and poorly ventilated houses are not only uncomfortable, but are the main causes behind condensation, mold, mildew, airborne spores and mites. Heat Pumps help to prevent and alleviate these effects by controlling the climate. They not only warm and cool your home but also clean, dry, circulate and purify the air you breathe which can bring about many improvements to your health and quality of life.


They can be used in New Construction or installed in existing homes, garages, offices, health facilities, virtually anywhere you want to heat or cool. We proudly service all of southern Maine.


All heat pumps we sell are backed by a 12-year manufacturer Warranty.  Riser Heat Pumps will also guarantee all of their labor for 3 years.   

Please give us a call for your free estimate!

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We are Maine's Premier Samsung Heat Pump Dealer

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Fujitsu Mini Split

We Also Install Fujitsu Heat Pumps. Fujitsu was one of the first major brands of Heat Pumps to improve efficiency as well as cold climate heating. They have many differnt options for every application. Fujitsu Heat Pumps are the only brand that some units come with a wifi controller option already installed!

Daikin Mini Split Heat Pumps

We also install Daikin heat pumps. They are one of the industries top heat pump manufacturers. Our techs have all been through a 2 day Daikin specific training course for heat pumps! Their customer service and tech support in unmatched to any other manufacturer in the industry.

We are an Efficiency Maine Registered Vendor!

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